Is There An Empower Network Scam? The Pros and Cons of The Empower Network Opportunity

by Celeste Nicolas

The Truth About Empower Network Is there an Empower Network scam? In short, the answer is ‘no’.. but this is a No-Hype, In-Depth Review Blog so I want to mention the highlights of Empower Network and the downfalls as well. There seems to be pieces of info that gets left out from almost anything about Empower Network you’ll find on the internet… especially if you’re reading reviews from those who are already in Empower Network trying to convince you to join them.

And because of important pieces of info being left out all too frequently, this can quickly lead to people labeling this opportunity as an Empower Network scam. Well, we don’t believe in doing business that way. We really feel that if a potential business partner has a good idea of what they are getting involved with from the very beginning, they will have a much higher chance of success in the long-term. This partnership then develops into a long-term and profitable business relationship. And I think that’s what sets this Empower Network ( review site apart from all of the rest.

The Possible Drawbacks Of The Empower Network

pushpin wideAs with all businesses, there’s no guarantee that you will succeed with the Empower Network. Hopefully you don’t buy into the hype all over the internet about “join ABC system, or XYZ company and make a gazillion dollars”. And in case you do see a website like that, or get on a phone call with someone like that… my advice is – run away FAST! Because it sure sounds like an Empower Network scam alert! That being said, again not everyone makes money with Empower Network. In fact, take a moment to read the official Empower Network Earnings Disclosure. Bottom line… like anything in life, it totally comes down to your own personal effort and applying the proven marketing techniques that we have in place for you in our team bonus, training, and resource site. Honestly though, can you tell me of a business that has a guaranteed 100% success rate? Hmmm… I didn’t think so :)

pushpin wideWhen you join Empower Network, it is advisable for you to sign up for your our own merchant account to get the 100% commissions paid directly to you. But if you don’t want to or are not able to do that, you can just use PayPal as an alternate (which you are able to set up instantly), but believe me… if you’re receiving alot of commissions, you will want your own merchant account. From our experience, those PayPal fees do add up quick! There is a small fee for setting up and maintaining your own merchant account – I believe it’s around $20 per month. Approval is 100% guaranteed and the sign-up process is easy also. Then you are usually set up and ready to go within 24 to 48 hours.

pushpin wideEven though you are provided with high converting capture pages and websites with your basic Empower Network membership, I have often discovered that eventually you will have to start to separate yourself from the rest of the people utilizing the same material as everyone else. This will get you higher conversions from your prospects. See Our Team Benefits Page For Solutions To This Issue.

pushpin wideHaving your own email autoresponder is also advisable with your Empower Network business. In fact, an autoresponder is one of the ‘must have’ tools if you’re really serious in building any business and plan on marketing online. But if you’re just starting out and decide NOT to integrate your own autoresponder, it’s really not a big deal. You can still build your Empower Network business and earn nice residual commissions.

Still, I highly recommend obtaining an autoresponder as soon as you can. It’s just so much easier and more effective in communicating and following up with your prospects and leads. Plus, you can use the follow-up email campaigns that’s already pre-written and customized for you as a member of our team. So whenever you are ready to incorporate an autoresponder into your business, it’s already there.

pushpin wide Joining just anyone in Empower Network can have a negative effect on your business. What do I mean by that? Well, if you fall for people marketing Empower Network as an easy, ‘no work needed’, make money FAST opportunity… then it sure sounds like an Empower Network scam right? So watch out for this and don’t sign up with a sponsor like that. You don’t want to start promoting Empower Network the wrong way. Also, if you end up with a ‘clueless’ sponsor or someone who’s not serious about their business, you could end up finding yourself struggling to get any guidance and answers to questions you may have. So be sure to do your research and get partnered up with somebody who knows what they are doing, has systems already in place for their team, and will assist you in case you get stuck on marketing issues.

pushpin wide If you are the type of person who would rather market tangible products, meaning… you need to have the ability to hold a physical item, then the Empower Network might not be for you. Empower Network’s products are all electronic and delivered via the internet – online systems, training (via audio or video), and tools. If you do not find high value in your education to learn cutting-edge marketing strategies using the internet, then this may not be for you.

pushpin wide But keep in mind, the Interent is growing rapidly and is the future of marketing. With the Internet, we now have the ability to market any product or service to almost every country in the world from the comfort of our homes. In fact, we have Empower Network team members in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia! So if you’re at all serious about tapping to this worldwide market place, then investing in your own internet marketing education is a must.

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The Benefits Of Joining The Empower Network

pushpin1When you join Empower Network, you will have instant access to a completely ‘done-for-you’ blogging platform and marketing/sales system. And this is not a ‘done for you’ Empower Network scam… it’s an actual blogging system that removes all the technical aspect of your online blog marketing.

pushpin1You get 100% commissions paid and deposited directly into your bank account INSTANTLY. No more waiting to get paid for 30 to 45 days (or until the refund period has cleared), or for a network marketing company to pay you every 2 or 4 weeks. Also in a lot of companies, there’s a minimum payout requirement… some even as high as $150! Meaning, you have to accumulate at least $150 in commissions earned BEFORE the company sends you a check. With Empower Network, there’s no such requirements. For more details… see The Empower Network Compensation Plan – A Simplified Review.

pushpin1Empower Network has an extremely low start up cost. This makes this system and opportunity a viable choice for anyone who is qualified to start a business. If anyone has a problem with a $25 start up cost, they should really not be looking at starting a business in the first place.

pushpin1Back to the 100% commissions… do you realize that these are reoccurring, monthly residual commissions? This gives you the potential to build a HUGE long-term residual income.

pushpin1 Because you only need one person to join you in Empower Network, many people will break even immediately. And since they’re not losing money, they will most likely remain in the Empower Network system. That means… HIGH retention rates! Again, this compensation plan is not some Empower Network scam. The founders created the comp plan this way to get everyone who joins this opportunity into a break-even position as fast as possible. So realistically, the only ones that will quit Empower Network will be the people who do absolutely nothing with it. We provide additional systems, trainings, and bonuses to anyone who joins our team to ensure greater retention of their own members.

pushpin1With so many people struggling financially, losing their jobs, and looking online to generate extra income, Empower Network is well-positioned in front of the home-based online business trend. With over $1 million dollars deposited directly into their members, bank accounts in just their first 3 weeks, Empower Network has already created history in the home-based business industry.

Again, there are no country restrictions with Empower Network… the entire world is literally your market! Those who get in early and position themselves inside their first year in business will have quite an advantage. A low cost opportunity such as Empower Network is in high demand right now… especially in today’s economy.

pushpin1Empower Network’s blogging platform is ridiculously simple to set up. I haven’t really seen a cleaner, simpler to navigate, easier to follow back office than that of Empower Network. This enables members to get set up quicker than ever possible before. Empower Network has really gone the extra mile with almost nothing for you to do to start blogging.

pushpin1Empower Network has highly-converting capture pages, sales pages, and sales funnel systems that are already done for you. This is the same marketing system that has attracted over 10,000+ active Empower Network members within only a month of its official launch date. So we already know that the Empower Network pages do convert. But if you want to set yourself apart from everybody else who are using the same pages, we provide additional resources, capture pages, and videos as a ‘unique selling proposition’ (a USP) for our team members. For more details… See Our Team Benefits Page.

pushpin1 As a member of Empower Network, you will have access to the most cutting-edge marketing coaching and strategies from the industry’s top income earners. These are people who are really out there doing this business, and not making a living just ‘teaching’ what does not work in the real world.

pushpin1And finally, Empower Network’s Leadership / Management are probably some of the most EXTREMELY talented and advanced marketers online today. These guys have set the trends of this industry and have proven themselves time and time again. As a member of Empower Network, you will always have access to the most cutting edge marketing materials, and you will have a marketing advantage over other people who are not involved with this system.

And there you have it… the Pros and Cons of Empower Network (as of this writing). Again, there is no Empower Network scam… but knowing the actual pros and cons from someone on the inside of this opportunity can help your decision making as you do your due diligence on Empower Network. Get back to me with any questions, and we’ll get your questions answered accurately and promptly so you can make a profitable business decision and move forward with confidence ASAP!


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Elois Uziel January 19, 2012 at 1:39 am

Some really interesting points you have written.Aided me a lot, just what I was looking for :D.

The Empower network January 19, 2012 at 3:17 pm

A great and informative post you got there my friend. I agree with you that there are pros and cons in Empower Network. When you try something new, there’s this what we call trial and error. It’s up to you when it’s working for you or not. But there are some bloggers I saw and posted a review about Empower network that this network system made them successful.

Celeste Nicolas January 24, 2012 at 2:46 am

Yes, that is absolutely true! Empower Network is an awesome opportunity!

Celeste Nicolas January 24, 2012 at 2:48 am

You’re very welcome Elois!

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